Palmar Tent Lodge, Bocas del Toro, Panama

This may seem a strange picture to start out a blog post with, but as we left our first hostel in Bocas Town, I had to get a snapshot of our shower. We had heard of these from our landlord in Boquete. He called them, “suicide showers”. Needless to say, we didn’t take a shower here.


We were headed to Red Frog Beach, another island which was a little boat ride away, to spend the next few days. While we waited on our water taxi, I took note of life in the Caribbean. I think this pictures sums it up:


This is where we spent the next few days! Palmar Tent Lodge is an eco-friendly, hostel type of resort on the beach.

We chose to stay in a provided tent, with a bed and a private “shower area”. The dry season was just coming to a close so water was rather precious. Our shower consisted of solar heated water in a bag, hung from a tree. It was gravity fed with a little shower nozzle and  worked pretty good, but it made for very quick and interesting shower experiences with a toddler. :)


The tent has its own battery powered light, and fan, which were quite handy. Despite our hardest efforts, there was the inevitable fact of sand being everywhere. To help keep it off of the wooden floor of our tent, there was a pan of water outside to dip your feet in before entering.


Individual tents were down a path in the jungle, and the main lodge area was on the beach.



It was like a hotel lobby, in a way. :) You could buy a beer, read a book from their little bookshelf, play some games, lounge on the sofas, and cook in the communal kitchen.


Or meet the parrots!


And of course, watch the waves.


Everyone who stayed at the Lodge was to bring their own food. They had a refrigerator that you could keep your cold items in, and bins to label with your own stuff. We took cheese and plantains and Mexican sausages, and basically had two meals a day for the time we were there. If you run out, you can buy some rice or cereal and Ramen noodles types of groceries from the bar.


A dear local lady took care of cleaning the kitchen every morning, and tidying things up. She smiled and carefully went about her duties as we passed her on the sandy paths. There were other locals working too, raking leaves out of the sandy jungle, and so on.


Volunteers from all over come to help run the Lodge…and they divide their time running the bar, taking recharged batteries to individual tents, hauling folks’ luggage around in wheelbarrows and lounging on the beach. It was so fun to meet people from the States who came down for a few months to live and volunteer their time. Once, they strung a rope between two palm trees and had balancing attempts. Anyone could get up and try walking across. We were all impressed with the one fella who could bend down on one foot with the other extended and so on. :)



2 thoughts on “Palmar Tent Lodge, Bocas del Toro, Panama

  1. Wow! I guess I didn’t realize the extent of your adventures just before leaving! That’s quite an exotic experience. :) Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Looks like the shower we had in Siguatepeque, Honduras and your mom survived the six weeks she visited with us! We had a similar contraption to place in a pan of water to heat the water for washing dishes..

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