We interrupt this Panamanian Adventure series…

To bring you a little update of our life here in the States right now. This past Memorial Day Sunday was one of my favorite days in a long time. It was the second perfect Sunday I’ve had in the past year, and simply a delightful day. (Here’s my first perfect Sunday, about a year ago.) After an early church service, we attended a baptism for Daniel’s sister, enjoyed a fellowship meal on a lovely porch, then headed to a park in town to simply r-e-l-a-x.


Natasha was so sleepy, she continued with her nap after we got her out of the car and I was even able to nap out under the shade trees on the quilt.


We all did some reading…


and a little playing on the swings and teeter-totters…




…and some more reading. The evening was finished with some strawberry-rhubarb sauce over pound cake. Perfect.


In other news these days, Daniel is no longer looking for a traditional, 8-5, job outside the home. He has started his own business with Amazon, and it has happily been rather successful. We love having him home during most days, and it is going well. Although, we do wish we had a little shop for storage and packing products! The living room can get kind of crowded and “Too loud!” as Natasha says, when the tape dispenser is unrolling. :)

We have been in our house here for a year now, and I think I’m slowly getting more accustomed to the area. Still not 100% fond of the location, but it’s been such fun to be so close to so many family members. We have so many more social options now! Daniel’s brothers, his sister and her husband, his parents and younger sisters, new friends, etc… the list goes on!

I stay busy with the usual wifey-mothering stuff. Recently it has been planting garden, and I’m so exited about all the little plants coming up and thriving with the spring rains. Natasha and I read books, cook together, and yesterday I taught her how to play paper dolls. She is learning the continents with Daniel from Google Maps after breakfast in the mornings, and loves to look up pictures with him of random things like, volcanoes, chariots, “A Pharaoh” and countries like New Zealand.

I shall continue the blog posts with the rest of our final days in Panama, when I get around to it. Hoping to turn the computer OFF shortly and have some time away from the screen!


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