Celebrating a Birthday in a Volcano. El Valle de Anton Part 2

Before we arrived here, we knew the weather was similar to Boquete. Practically a nice 70* all the time, with cool breezes. The one main difference we noticed, was that it was slightly more humid, and much flatter. Maybe because it’s located in a volcano crater. Boquete was in a valley, and it was rather hilly–everywhere. Not many bicycles because of too many hills. But El Valle had cyclists everywhere!

Since we were only going to be here a few days, and our little lodging didn’t have a kitchen, we took advantage of the wonderful eating out experience Central America offers. Which is: Cheap, tasty food and waitresses that leave you alone. Meaning, they bring your food, and don’t keep bothering you by asking every 8 minutes, “Is everything okay over here?” If you want them for something, they are always watching out of the corner of their eye and you just kind of signal that you are ready to pay the bill or something. So we basically ate two meals a day in town, and bought fruit for snacks back at the room.

For Natasha’s 2nd birthday, we ate at a little diner, and she ate her entire plateful of scrambled eggs. We enjoyed Mexican sausages and patacones too. Patacones are green plantains, fried, then smashed and fried again. They serve them like just french fries, as an available side to just about any dish. They’re…so, so, so good. (And easy to make at home too!)


The little diner was located directly across from the bus stop:


The only thing Natasha requested for her birthday, was a strawberry. We didn’t have any of those around, so Daniel bought her a little container of strawberry yogurt.


She was pretty pleased.




When our host and hostess found out it was her birthday, they left a nice little card and a stuffed animal for us with our morning coffee. Later that day, we headed in search of a laundromat, and Natasha enjoyed sitting on the little Mickey Mouse ride out front while we waited for our clothes to wash and dry. Never mind the fact that we didn’t even pay to make it move. We’re so cheap sometimes. ;)





So her 2nd birthday was celebrated quietly and without much to-do, but will always be remembered as the birthday she celebrated in another country. :) Our final post on El Valle is coming up next!


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