The Children’s Garden

We took a few days earlier this month and went down to see my parents, and shared some smiles at the local children’s garden.


It opened years ago when I was um…more of a child…and they had a grand opening ceremony. We attended to hear to band play, and for the finale of “Stars and Stripes Forever”, a lady grabbed my hand along with another little girl and we led the parade of children around the gazebo waving flags. It was all very momentous, and it’s really fun now to take MY little girl to that very garden!

Aren’t child-sized benches simply the cutest thing?! Especially when a child is sitting on one?


From her smile, you’d think we were at Disney Land meeting the “real” Snow White!




This is a typical conversational pose these days. Walking Natasha through whatever phrase, word, sign, or unknown something or other. This time, it was a gumball machine. It makes me think of Daniel’s patient explanation to a younger Natasha on a different subject, but in a garden as well.

06- 024


We had a lovely meal at Applebees afterwards, and I continue to smile about how we ended up there. Daddy had announced earlier that day that, “We could eat out at Applebarrel or Crackerbees.” :)













The next day was warm. Natasha kindly asked her Grandpa to fetch the hammock from the chicken house-turned-store-shed, and he obliged. Then even pushed her till she fell asleep.




A perfect weekend getaway, I’d say.


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