A Rainy Mini Vacation

 We have a rather BIG trip coming up, but before that, I’d better give you our most recent little vacation in picture form! We headed to Tennessee to get my sister and then went to Asheville, North Carolina for a couple days. It turned out to be very wet, and we weren’t able to do the hiking we wanted to, but that’s how life goes sometimes. We visited some friends in NC as well, and it was great to spend some time with folks we hardly ever see!

Here’s our little traveler, making an airplane out of her stencils. She rides really well, and loves to be on the road. In fact, she didn’t want to come home. She said, “We need to turn around, go back to the hotel, and go swimming!!”




So despite the rain, we did run in and out of a few shops downtown Asheville, tried some Indian food, and dodged the rain drops. One of the sights we did manage to see without rain, was the Grove Park Inn. It was magnificent with all original furniture, 1920’s music playing, and lots of fun passageways. 

photo (2)

photo (3)

photo (5)

photo (4)


On our way back to Tennessee, we drove a little ways on the Blue Ridge Parkway.



And Tiff snapped a couple pictures of us trying to be silly. Trust me, there is some amazing scenery behind us…you just can’t see it because of the fog! 




Our upcoming adventure will take us to France and Germany for about a month! Can’t wait!! We will have internet, so I’ll try to keep you updated. :)


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