August 29th: Arriving in Paris

Early Thursday morning, we arrived, safe and sound in Paris, France. Here’s a good illustration of how we all felt: Super tired, and super excited.


Daniel found our apartment  on AirBnB, and it was just as nice as it could be. The owner was actually out of town, but his friends, Alexander and Chaffia,  were quite helpful in showing us a few things, and giving tips like where to eat for our first meal in town. Keep reading for details on that!







There was even a large Mac for us to use, and Maria had a fun time discovering French keyboards. Did you know the letters aren’t in the same places as ours? Slightly confusing, for sure. Come to think of it, they seem to use commas where we use periods and vice-versa. Now, that IS confusing…particularly with deciphering how much something costs.



As for the food, oh yum. At the recommendation of Chaffia, we walked just around the corner to Les Routiers for some traditional French cuisine.  She told us, “It’s not “chic”, but very good, reasonably priced French food.” Just what we wanted. Once there, we realized ordering in French without knowing French was going to be harder than we thought. Fortunately, at just the right moment, she walked by and came in to help us! Also, another customer in the restaurant came by our table when he realized we needed help, so together he and Chaffia helped us get a better idea of the food items. We did a lot of guessing, laughing and smiling.

Of course, there was bread.



Daniel, Maria and Natasha all had beef bourguignon. This, I was familiar with, since after watching Julie and Julia a few years ago, I made it at home once.



I, being the adventurous one, selected des moules marinière. (I think that’s correct…) Chaffia and the stranger helping us, both said it was very good. Funny thing was, I couldn’t remember what they said it was, other than, “Oh, very good!” Turns out it was mussels, served in a white wine sauce. And it was very good, and a wee bit of work. Those little mussels are attached in those shells and you have to use a fork to pry them out!



And that, was a perfect welcome to Paris.


3 thoughts on “August 29th: Arriving in Paris

  1. How enchanting! Oh Paris! Watch out- it’s so wonderful that you’ll forever find yourself with a little longing to be there… Enjoy!

  2. Very nice apartment.

    I can imagine ordering food and deciphering french keyboards to be confusing; my memory is still clear on getting different symbols and letters on Spanish keyboards that were deceptively marked as normal English letters and punctuation.

    Ordering at Subway in Spanish didn’t go so well either with a vocabulary of about 10 words.

  3. Eeek! So exciting! I’m so happy for you all that you get to make this trip.

    I don’t think I would have been quite so good-natured about the mussels as you were. It seems like Germany should be a little safer in terms of the food…but watch out for things like blutwurst, okay? ;)

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