August 31st: Paris in Black and White

Morning: Maria and I went fabric shopping on Rue Livingstone. If you want textiles, that’s the street to be! Actually, that area and other streets in general.

{This is looking down through all the steps from outside our apartment door.}


Afternoon: We enjoyed more French food in this cozy little restaurant while it kind of sprinkled outside. Then we strolled around the Montmartre part of the city, which included the Basilica. There are some fabulous views and gorgeous old houses with vines everywhere. I know my wimpy little pictures don’t do it justice, and I can’t describe it well enough so I’ll just stop trying.




Late Afternoon: I had read about antique stores in Paris in a Victoria magazine, and really wanted to visit a couple in particular. I made it to one that was open, (EW) and wished I could have spent the whole afternoon in the Village Saint-Paul district. That’s where all those vintage-antique-old shops are!



Evening: We were all getting pretty worn out from all the walking, so we sat by the river, ate macarons, took pictures, and imagined what the tourists on the boats might think if we staged a proposal on the riverbank. It was a very much needed break from the busyness of the Basilica, tourists and hurrying through underground tunnels of the subway.  (We bought our macarons from Arnaud Delmontel and toted them with us till we found a peaceful location to truly savor their deliciousness.)






Finally, we took our weary feet back to the apartment and up the 5 flights of spiral stairs, and called it another fine day in Paris.



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