September 4th: Neuschwanstein Castle

I now happily bring you to our current country: Germany! From Paris, we took a train to Frankfurt, where rented a car and drove to Eibelstadt, Germany. That’s the wee little town we’re staying in and loving the quietness of the village, all the little playgrounds around in the neighborhood and the vineyards surrounding us.

But since we had a rental car, we meant to use it! Thanks to the wonderfully smooth, pot-hole-free Autobahn, we quickly got to southern Germany where Neuschwanstein Castle is located.



You can read about the history of this {fairly new} castle here and here. I say “new” because it was only started in 1868. So this is not an ancient ruins! It is very well kept and preserved.


Also interesting is the fact that it was never finished! There were 200 interior rooms planned, but only about 15 were completed.




Folks, there aren’t views like this where I come from.



Funny thing is, as magnificent as Neuschwanstein was (and is), King Ludwig II never really lived there, but rather spent most of his time in this “castle”, at the base of the mountain.



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