September 5th: Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg! I had no idea I’d love it as much as I did, and we were hardly there a day. See, silly me didn’t realize this was the city where the Sound of Music was filmed, or that Mozart was born here till basically the day we went. *gasp and blushes* So those two little discoveries were pretty amazing.


I don’t really remember Mozart looking like this in other pictures, but this was just inside the doorway of his home, so we got a picture…with his picture.


Mozart’s Street, wasn’t very long, but there was plenty to see. Classy shops mixed with more touristy-souvenir shops and lots of people.


We didn’t buy any expensive Mozart chocolates or perfume, instead we headed towards Mirabell Garden, where Julie Andrews, playing “Maria”, danced with the children and taught them “Do, Re, Mi”. This is where I had another one of those moments realizing just how special and memorable this trip has been. That we get to be in such famous places and see things that I’ve only read of in books or seen in movies. I’m still in awe.



Recognize the arbor?



My favorite part.


It wasn’t Natasha’s though…she preferred the secret playground! Secret meaning, from the garden you can look down on it over a stone wall, but getting there seems practically impossible unless you’re willing to jump or walk a mile around and out of your way. Daniel had to give me a clue: The shrubbery maze. Ah ha!

Now, can you believe that Natasha went down this huge slide at least 3 times? You climb up through the middle of the wooden triangle to reach the top. It’s really a great playground. There were fun rope/bowl swings, a merry-go-round, sand pits and fun metal “piano” pads to step on and make music with. Needless to say, she cried when we told her it was time to go.



After supper at a “natural-vegetarian” type of place, we thoroughly enjoyed our first taste of European gelato for only a euro a scoop. Pretty sure I’ll need more of this before returning to America.



The drive home was beautiful. Southern Germany was decidedly more “Swiss” looking, and I seriously wanted to move in. I still do, actually!



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