{Monday, September 9th}

As much as we wanted to go further south into Switzerland and see more actual mountains with snow, we really wanted to pop into Liechtenstein too. You know, the whole let’s-visit-as-many-new-countries-as-possible thing. :) Alison had told us about Interlaken and Gimmelwald, which I really, really wanted to see. Alas, one can’t see and do everything on a two day over-the-border visit. I have a feeling there will be another trip to Switzerland at some point in our life, so the Alps will have to wait for me.

:: Please let me insert a little discovery from breakfast at the hotel: Müsli. Oh. So. Good. This particular version had fresh pears in it, which was a most pleasant surprise and I could have eaten bowls and bowls of it. ::



So on to Liechtenstein it was, since none of us had ever been to such a very small country before. I mean, it’s smaller than most counties back in the States! Vaduz is the capitol city, so we paid to park and then toured the city on foot.




In front of the Cathedral.




We bought post cards and sent them before finding the WC. I really need to find out what that stands for…all I know is, where there is a WC sign, it means bathrooms. Maria just called it the “water closet”, (but we don’t think that’s correct for some reason…) and after having to pay for some in France, free ones are really something to get excited about.



This…is the Vaduz Castle, where the Prince and his family still live. Please be impressed, ’cause I sure am!




Just in case you ever had a silly notion that our little girl always poses nicely for pictures, here’s reality. This makes me laugh every time I see it.



3 thoughts on “Liechtenstein

  1. Neato! Lichtenstein looks really cool – it seems to have both the old-world European stuff going on, but some of the buildings and landscaping look a little English too.
    Maria would be right about the WC! It’s an English carry-over that they pronounce “vay-tsay”.

  2. The one of Natasha in front of the Cathedral is so fall-like, European & prim/dainty… looks old world. :) and your coat/scarf combo??? tres chic!
    Glad you’re having such a lovely adventure! …more than a wee bit jealous =D

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