Milk and Currywurst

Yes, milk and currywurst. Not necessarily together at the same time at the same meal. :)

{Thursday, September 12th}

As some of you might remember, we like our milk farm fresh. Even when in different countries. And sometimes we take taxis, or long walks to get to it. This time round, we didn’t need a taxi, since we had our rental car, so we went off on a very rainy afternoon in search of milk.

Two or three years ago Daniel had read about an automatic milk dispenser on a farm in Germany, on the Weston A. Price’s blog. When coming to Germany had become a reality for us, he looked into it again, and that’s how we found raw milk at Markus Hof, in Baden-Württemberg! It was about an hour and a half drive from Eibelstadt, in the village of Maisbach.


We got 3 liters of mineral water from the store basically so we could have the jugs, emptied it into kettles at the apartment then headed out for milk. (I asked Maria later, “What do you do with three pots of mineral water?!”) A kind lady assisted with getting the proper coins and buttons pushed, and voila! Milk came out in exactly 1 1/2 liters, for our jugs. It was a euro a liter.


The farm buildings were actually right in the teeny village, and I never saw any cows, but that didn’t prevent it from being a farm. Things on a farm are always the same, no matter what country you may be in. :)



Following our milk excursion, we took a very short walking trip through part of Heidelberg. We were rather pressed for time since we had to return the rental car that evening before 5 p.m. Actually, 17:00. I think I’ve neglected to mention that using “military time” is much more popular over here for store hours, bus times, etc… I think I have it almost down pat! So anyway, we didn’t get to see as much of this college town that we wanted, but what we saw, we loved.

While hastening through the streets, I spotted a sewing store. Of course I had to go in, and found some darling little zippers that I’ve never seen anywhere else!


A farmer’s market was being set up in a square around the corner, so while Daniel bought us some currywurst, we girls admired the flowers.





Our first currywurst! It’s basically a hot dog or bratwurst with a spicy, tomato based sauce almost like ketchup over top, with curry powder sprinkled on as a finishing touch. You eat it with a forked little wooden stick. Natasha said it was too spicy,  but the rest of us liked it. I’m pretty pleased to say that once back at the apartment, I tried my hand at duplicating it, and both Daniel and Maria said I succeeded. I have fixed it twice now, and each time haven’t bothered to take a picture, because it’s one of those rare recipes that turns out looking just like the picture below of our “original” currywurst!



I sort of combined a couple online recipes for my currywurst sauce, including this one. But used chili powder, in place of chili sauce, and sauteed finely diced onions instead of onion salt, added some apple cider vinegar, increased the curry powder, and used honey instead of sugar. So actually, I didn’t exactly follow that recipe. That’s just how I cook.

While we’re on the topic of German food, I’ve read that a lot of people visiting Germany have been disappointed in the food. I must say that everything we’ve had has been very good. Maybe we just have different taste buds than other folks…

Also, about the mineral water. That’s what you get when you order water at a restaurant! We had to ask Micha about this, and he said that ordering tap water is simply not done and you just don’t get plain water when eating out. So it’s very popular to have sparkling water…room temperature. Maria said she hadn’t seen an ice cube anywhere, and she’s right! Even in Paris, where you could request tap water, it didn’t come with ice. Such fun learning all the little things about a new country. :)

So what did we end up doing with all that mineral water we bought? If you mix it with juice, it makes a tasty beverage.


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