Home for the Month

{Friday, September 13th}

It’s high time I shared some pictures of the town that we’re calling home for the month of September. Eibelstadt is a small town in the state of Bavaria, with a population of a little over 2500. Daniel found us a nice apartment (do check out that link…it has all the pictures of the apartment!) on AirBnB, and we’ve been happy to be in a slower paced, quiet, peaceful little community. It is in the valley, beside the Main River, and rising up behind our apartment and the village, are steep hills covered with vineyards.

Conveniently, there are paved roads in between the rows and rows of grapes, and we can walk to our little heart’s desire.





Back in town, there is an old wall around the center of town which I’ve fallen in love with. I love the shutters too.


And the little shutter holders.


And the little fences that we see everywhere.


And…the towers all around town.


Maria found an orange wall that she liked pretty well too.


Maria flew home a few days after this particular day’s outing, and Daniel, Natasha and I will be doing the same thing this coming week. I’m trying not to mourn it too much…

Finally, because I’m not sure where to stick this particular picture, here’s our little patio at the apartment. We ate most of our meals outside the first week, then fall came and it got too chilly!



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