Wurzburg Residence and Gardens Part 1

You don’t mind too much if the following outing is done in a couple parts do you? And you don’t mind if the pictures aren’t really in order, right? Or that I’m terribly behind in Europe updates? Okay, good. See, we are back in the States now, and as things like this always happen, we get back into our old routine and life is pretty “normal” again. But, hopefully we have brought back a wee bit of a European influence and we have no plans to forget Germany anytime soon. Even though I may have forgotten my blog some… *hides face in shame*

Anyway, moving on. Or, back, as you might look at it.

{September 14, 2013}

Würzburg Residence turned out to be one of our most favorite parts of the trip. We took about a 10-15 minute bus ride from Eibelstadt into town one afternoon, and thoroughly enjoyed meandering through the gardens. The history of the Residence is fascinating, and I can’t relay it all here, but Wikipedia does a pretty good job of all the most important details, so you can click on that link above if you feel like it. There are also pictures of the inside of this palace, which we did not see, so we can both enjoy it through pictures.

The palace was built in the 18th century, but was almost completely destroyed in an air raid during World War II. However, they reconstructed it, finishing up around 1987, at a cost of around 20 million euros. Pretty incredible, if you ask me! Thinking back, I’m not sure why we didn’t tour the inside…? Anyway, we loved the gardens.



Maria and I agreed that this was one palace (and gardens) we could totally see ourselves living at.




While we were there, a newly married couple was having a little photo session. And I pretended to be a wedding photographer, even though I had no clue who they were.





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