Thanksgiving in Miniature

So while the majority of you are still gearing up for the big day this Thursday, I’m reveling in the happiness of having our little Thanksgiving already completed! My side of the family gathered this past Monday, as things happened to work out, and we had a miniature gathering. I say miniature, because, in several areas it was indeed miniature.

Such as, the size of the birds we ate:



Mom decided to try something different this year and we had Cornish Hens as the main meat. It was *such* fun!


I had fun in the game department setting up very easy place settings. But, that’s another thing that was miniature. The grand total of “guests” was 6. Daddy is an only child, and since his parents have passed away, it’s just us. So name cards were really only a formality, since we all knew where to sit: in our usual places. :)



The other thing that was miniature, was the timing of the meal. We squeezed it in between the {somewhat} daily normality of a Monday, which included Daddy helping a friend harvest corn, a memorial service, and a hair appointment.



But it was a very happy little, miniature Thanksgiving. And for that, I’m thankful.



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