Scenes from Eibelstadt and German Cuisine

{September 15, 2013}

The day before Maria left, we toured around Eibelstadt one last time. (Just as a reminder, Eibelstadt is the small village where we stayed for the month while in Germany. It was “home base” you might say.) First, we stopped at the cemetery to see what the oldest grave was. Turned out not to be as old as we thought; the oldest one might have been 1860 something. We continued to be impressed with the miniature gardens in front of each grave, that were meticulously taken care of. These Germans know how to keep a place tidy!


We also found a notable plaque in memorial of soldiers from Eibelstadt who lost their lives in World War I.


Our walk took us outside of the stone wall, with rain clouds approaching.



Then back inside the wall towards home, we came to the middle of town via a quaint cobblestone street. Straight ahead is the parish church of St. Nikolaus, and you can read more about the center of town here.



Below, you’ll see our favorite restaurant in town, Alter Fronhof. Actually, it’s the only restaurant we went to, so I can’t honestly speak for the rest. Anyway, we enjoyed fabulous German food here and a fun waiter who kindly helped us understand the very German menu. The flavors were all so rich, and fresh! We all agreed the food in Europe tasted like…quality. This is where Daniel decided he likes his beef cuts better when cooked medium rare. (The addition of herbed butter was a highlight too. He ordered the same meal twice.) Maria and I tried schnitzel with poached eggs on top, and found it delicious. While waiting for the food, we heard loud banging noise coming from the kitchen. Turns out it was our pork cuts, being tenderized! On another visit, I had rösti, which is similar to shredded potato fried into little cakes. It was almost just as much fun to observe what other guests ordered. Half a duck, dumplings the size of baseballs, tall glasses of beer, and when we heard pounding, we knew we’d soon see schnitzel brought out!



One thought on “Scenes from Eibelstadt and German Cuisine

  1. Sounds lovely. Well-done with your descriptions, making your readers want to visit! :)
    Did you notice the oldest grave in Hallau? Across the border there, space is at such a premium that you only get 25 years, and then they make room for the next guy! :-0

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