Theilheim Fall Festival

{September 22, 2013}

For our second biking outing, Doris once again led us to the little village of Theilheim. They were having their 2-day fall festival, and it was just like one of the fall festivals in my hometown, so it was rather fun. Just like at home, they close off Main Street from vehicle traffic and open it up for venders to display homemade crafts, the local dog training school to do demonstrations, a few antique booths, etc…

First off, there was face-painting:



{Photo credit to Doris}

Natasha wanted a princess or a ballerina or something similar painted on her cheek, but I wasn’t so keen on that, and didn’t know how to explain it in German anyways. Fortunately, the kind face-painter gentleman realized we didn’t speak German, but knew enough English to suggest a fish. With glitter. That of course, was perfect, so we went with it. :)



I have fond memories of getting my face painted as a child at summer parks and such, and there’s this magical feeling of a brush swiping your cheek that I wanted Natasha to experience too. Pretty neat that her first time was in Germany!




The rest of the time was spent meandering up and down the street simply soaking up the small-town village scenes of Bavaria.











We finished up by returning to a waiting Sam, carefully guarding the bikes.



{Photo credit to Doris}


Biking back to the apartment through the vineyards, we stopped so Sam could taste a few.



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