Another Day in Wurzburg {Part 2}

{September 27, 2013}

This is the front of the Residence, which is what we’re always talking about when we mention Wurzburg. But we actually spent most of our time wandering the gardens behind this impressive building.

160  164 175

On our last visit here, we were treated with a special surprise. A genuine hedgehog! Daniel spotted it as he came around a stone wall, and urged us to come quick. He didn’t know how fast these little creatures could run, or if it would disappear. But we needn’t have rushed; this hedgehog seemed to be on the sickly side.


He actually rolled onto his back at one point and couldn’t roll over. We nudged him to get him back over, and he did scurry around a bit, but not in a very healthy manner. However, we were thrilled to meet him.

190 193 197

After saying goodbye, we walked back through the leafy tunnel and admired the fallish colors coming through.

198 199 202


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