Zipline and Etc…

{September 29, 2013}

Down outside of town across the main highway and basically on the bank of the Main River, there was a little pond, a picnic table or two, and a zipline. And although it wasn’t huge or real long, it was a lot of fun.


Before returning to the apartment after this particular outing, I posed. Or, attempted to, in my Pinterest inspired outfit. I made not only the skirt, but my top as well.

AND….this might not fall into the proper subject for this post, but I’m slipping a few food and household related pictures in here anyway. First off, chocolate. We could have toured the Ritter Sport factory, but didn’t realize we were so close when we visited Micah in Stuttgart, till too late. Next time maybe? My favorite flavor is the Chocolate Mousse. You can buy Ritter Sport here in the States, typically found in the international food section. But the wrappers aren’t printed in German and thus don’t look quite as snazzy. That is however, the only downfall because it’s still just as good inside.

This is creamiest yogurt I have ever had in my entire life.

Very tall liter bottles of dish soap, and mineral water. Not a fan of either. The soap was cheap and lousy, just like any dish soap you might buy for a $1 at the Dollar Store in the States (maybe because we bought it at the German equivalent), and the mineral water…we’re just not into our water having bubbles in our drinking water. But it was very German. We actually only bought this so we could have the jugs when we went after raw milk.

Finally, one last chocolate related item from Tegut: Cocoa. A must for making brownies in our little apartment kitchen.





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