Goodbye Eibelstadt, Hello Belgium

{September 30, 2013}

Our month in Germany had come to an end, and so we packed up our belongings in a new rental car (below left) and said goodbye to our little apartment in Eibelstadt. Here’s the whole house, but we lived in the white part below all the brown, kind of hidden behind the greenery.


The night before we left, we finally had our neighbor over. We met him earlier when he was kind enough to let us borrow his bike for pedaling adventures, but really waited till the last moment to invite him over for supper. :( So, the night before we were leaving Germany (sigh, next time we visit a new country, we won’t wait till the last evening to have new friends over), we shared several hours chatting and getting to know Hermann. He actually drove Daniel to Wurzburg this particular morning to get the new rental car, and we snapped a photo before we said goodbye. During our evening meal, we shared with him our desire to have a good  beer sometime, but didn’t want it to be a lousy Budweiser (all too common in the States). Hermann was true to his word and brought us two German beers from the region as a send-off gift. :)


After making sure we had all our suitcases and clothes, we packed up and headed out. We were on our way to Belgium. Specifically, Eupen. We had lunch/dinner at a little restaurant on a busy street corner, and I enjoyed the little addition of blankets draped across the chairs. It was chilly enough to use them, and so I did.


We walked around town a wee bit, but were anxious to head to the dam nearby, so we didn’t linger too long.




The dam was outside of town and rather impressive:



photo1 (4)


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