Holten, Holland

{October 1, 2013}

Suddenly, there were thatched roofs. :)


Since we were flying out of Dusseldorf to return home, we stayed at a hotel near the airport. But we still had the rental car and wanted to see Holland since we were so close. Therefore, we drove across the border and spent part of the day in Holten.

We walked around town and fed some goats in a…petting zoo? of some sort. Not sure what the purpose of this little menagerie was. There were a few turkeys, some guineas, and goats in a pen across from a miniature playground. While we were watching this dear lady came up with her walker and emptied a bag of old bread slices over the fence for the goats. We couldn’t help but wonder if goats were really created to eat bread…



Here’s where I confirmed my desire to own a lovely European bicycle.



Why are there not more roundabouts in the States?




So, I know this is a very dark picture. This is what happens when you’re riding along at say, 70 km an hour, and the camera is in your lap, turned off, on the manual setting, when you suddenly need a picture right. now. I had to do some serious lighting adjustments to even get this picture as viewable as it is.

But it’s a good example of what I’m learning the more I travel: There are plenty of methods of transportation that don’t include carseats.


I had to include it, because it reminded me of another momma in another bike riding town. This was taken when we were in Bocas Town back in 2012. Now why can’t I rig up something for my one child and ride my bike around town? If the Netherlands and Panama can do it, certainly I can!



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