It’s A Parade Type of Holiday

There’s something about an American parade that makes me all nostalgic. I love the anticipation of quickly walking down the sidewalk to reach main street before the first police car, which means the parade has officially begun. The distant bass drums from the bands makes you hurry all the more. Then, the waving begins. Waving at people you don’t know, and have never seen before just because it’s fun to do. Of course, the candy is a big part of a parade. Silly, but true. I always get this funny flutter inside, thinking back to how nervous I would get as a child when my Mom would urge me to dash out to get that one candy piece that didn’t reach the curb, but was about to be smashed by the next antique car if someone didn’t grab it. (No worries, it was always during one of those long gaps that come every once in a while during a parade.) There are always huge semis, ball teams, dance corps, antique tractors by the dozen, clowns and someone running for something in the next upcoming election. It’s so American and I love it.

So here’s a few pictures from our 4th of July Parade in a typical midwest little town. Parades are even more fun with a little child. For Natasha, who couldn’t even quite remember what a parade was, it was even double the fun.


Her favorite part were the royalty floats with various fair princesses and court. She just soaked it all up.


She waved to almost everyone, whether they were waving to her or not.


And covered her ears at the overbearing and excessively loud fire engines.


She collected the candy thrown to her, and wore the two necklaces that came flying through the air to her feet. We did however, leave that pile of candy on the curb and limited our take-home-loot to 2 pieces. Makes us sound like horrible parents, doesn’t it?! She was happy as a clam though, and trust me: Two pieces of Starbursts made her plenty hyper for the rest of the day and that was plenty for me.





One thought on “It’s A Parade Type of Holiday

  1. I like it when things feel simple, traditional and just right. :) It was a little that way with our Fourth celebration too – cousins running around at dusk enjoying each other’s company, a campfire with popcorn, miniature firecrackers, the ‘old folks’ (of which I was a part) talking, topped off with a paper lantern floating off into the sky… It was lovely.

    I also enjoyed your Blutterfly post, but didn’t have time to comment. That sounds like a really fun thing to anticipate over the winter! :)

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