The Last German Castle

{October 1, 2013}

We are finishing up here folks…! Documenting our time in Germany is practically over. On our way back to the hotel for our last night in Europe, we stopped by one last castle. This one…had a moat.




We had a funny little experience here, in which Natasha hopefully learned the meaning of “Nein”. As we were touring the grounds, a fella came up to mechanical gate on his bicycle with a dog. Natasha was dancing and twirling and generally walking in a haphazard fashion, and she just sashayed right up to the gate, assuming he was pushing the button to open it for us all to walk through. The fella, speaking in German, tried to explain that it was going to swing out, and might hit her in the head. However, she didn’t understand anything and simply stood there. Daniel was calling out for her to back up, but she moved forward instead, and the German cyclist sternly said, “Nein! Nein!” I wasn’t really in the area, so all I heard was a very loud voice saying, “NO!” and wasn’t sure what was going on. Natasha wasn’t hurt, and nothing really happened, but it was amusing to hear “Nein” being said so firmly to our little girl. :) I don’t think it bothered her in the slightest. She was pretty exuberant, full of energy and being her silly self when we headed to the car.





I must highlight the road signs before closing out. Typically, in the States, we list the town that is farthest away, on the bottom on signs. Not so here. They list the town farthest away on the TOP. Also, instead of clarifying which direction you want to go, such as North, they list the town names in the general direction of those towns. So if you’re headed North, you’d better know which towns are North, so you can look for the proper town name on the signs. 19-184

This one, we rather liked. Any guesses to what it means? This is the equivalent of, “Corporation Limit Ends”. Or, you’re leaving town. :) 20-186

So, we not only headed out of Lembeck, but the country as well. The rental car was returned, we walked to the airport terminal, and got on our flight back to the States after a month long trip staying in Germany, and touring some surrounding countries.


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