Strolling Around Lisboa

We started our last day in Lisbon out just right for me. Breakfast at a French cafe complete with a gigantic croissant roll. And see that little jar of jam? It came with it, and of course, I brought it home with me. Who can resist a miniature glass jam jar?


We didn’t have big plans for the day, so we simply walked around the old part of town, around the fortress and up and down old streets with tiled walls. It was a grand anniversary vacation and perfect for Daniel and me to get away alone for a bit.









Now, it’s time to take another family trip, and this time, it’s New Zealand. We leave…in about 2 hours for the airport. Me oh me oh my, I think I need a piece of pie! Ever heard that saying? It’s just the thing to say when feeling ever so slightly overwhelmed. Ever tried packing for 3 months with 3 carry-ons and personal bags, with a 15 lb. weight limit for the carry-ons? It’s challenging to say the least. No checking bags for us this time; we are flying light. More details later, I’m sure.




One thought on “Strolling Around Lisboa

  1. And I think we’re doing good if we can get away with one carry-on for the three of us…not to mention the pack-n-play and go-pod, carseat, sophie, and maybe a stroller for good measure ::grows sheepish:: ;)
    Have a marvelous adventure!!!

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