A Day in Sydney

{August 5th, 2014} We {gratefully} interrupted our flight schedule to spend a day and night in Sydney. Our flight from Jakarta arrived early August 5th, we were able to shower and regroup before doing a bit of sight-seeing. That night, we slept in real beds in a quaint little one-room guest house in an Sydney family’s back yard, before starting out the next morning to New Zealand. Here’s a tip on using the trains in Sydney: Don’t buy tickets at the airport.

They’re about 4 times more expensive because of airport specific taxes! We did the slightly odd thing, and walked out of the airport over roads that had traffic streaming in and drivers looking at us funny, before finding a nice walking/biking path that took us to a regular train station. The ~1 mile walk to another station (Tempe) saved us about $36 AUD.

This was just one of the many times I was happy we weren’t lugging a ton of luggage around. After a lovely lunch at the Sideways Cafe, we headed off to see some wild animals of Australia. This particular “Light Rail” train\track section is very new, only about 100 days old. You pay once you’re on the train by handing money (which we didn’t have yet) to the kind ticket-master. We hadn’t changed any money yet, and they don’t take credit card like some of the other trains, but he was very friendly and kept saying we could have this ride on Sydney, and winked at us. 09-056

The Australian Animal Adventure Park is at Darling Harbour, with a terrific view of the water and the city.


These frogs made us laugh. Can you see them, just perched on a leave like a big fat lump? 10-062

Zoo Keeper Janel with a baby Tasmanian Devil.


Sitting on a wombat.


Posing with a wallaby.


The kangaroos weren’t being very photogenic but this fella stood very still and stately for us. 15-081

See the koala?


Ringo, the crocodile, was incredibly huge. I had no idea they got this big. 17-086

Darling Harbour:


After this picture, Natasha proceeded to go around to each statue and imitate its position. 20-093

We will have about 2 more days in Sydney when we return to the States, so we’ll be able to do more sightseeing then. But this was a fine little outing to welcome us Down Under. 21-096


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