We Have Transportation

 Daniel found a bike for himself first…


Then we added a trailer for the wee one in our family who was completely worn out with walking.


Finally, a proper bike was procured for myself. (I’m so pleased there’s a sign here dedicated to keeping Aunties safe.) I, in particular, need all the help I can get. See next picture for the reason why.


This has become my mantra. As I wrote home, if you think round-abouts are tricky in the States, try it on a bike. In a country where everyone is going the opposite direction. Those left-hand turns in the states where a green arrow is so nice, are the opposite here; it’s the RIGHT hand turns to fret over. I’m still working on getting it in my mind that you’re to look right first when walking, keep to the left when walking on the sidewalk, and of course drive on the left. So I appreciate little reminders like this, directly in front of my front bicycle tire. Oh, excuse me, tyre.


There is a nice bike bath on the edge of town with this view on one side, and the bay of the Pacific ocean on the other.


One nice thing about not only New Zealand, but Germany as well, is the lack of stop signs. You just give way, give way, give way and it’s really handy. Especially in neighborhoods where a complete stop is kind of silly at every intersection. I tell you, the USA goes a little overboard with their stop signs.


 On this particular outing, we had just been to the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market in town. We have gone every Saturday so far, and the best buy we’ve found are the apples for $3.50 per 2 kilos.


Helmets are required for all cyclists down here, even those who ride in a little trailer. Of course, this little passenger had to have a pink one. Fortunately the second-hand store had one her size, with flowers. Bonus!



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