In Which We Play Hobbit

Last week was the first we rented a car and did some proper driving on the left side of the road. For the first day, we headed over the hills, to the Picton area. Daniel did a fabulous job maneuvering the hairpin curves, steep bends and slopes of the road, all while sitting where I normally sit when we go on car rides. ;) The only continual mishap is the mistake of turning on the windshield wipers instead of the turn signals.

I was rather unprepared for the amount of pine trees along the drive. There are plenty covering the hills (these aren’t mountains, according to locals) and logging can make some hilltops looks like a man’s shaved head. Wherever they stop logging, the pine trees suddenly spring up and look like a mohawk.

The first stop of the day was at Pelorus River, right at the bridge where the recent Hobbit movie filmed the “dwarves in barrels” scene.


There were no barrels handy to amuse ourselves with, so we skipped rocks instead. Since I’m the manager of this blog, I get to select which pictures make the cut for each post, and the ones of me skipping rocks did not make it. Daniel by far, won the best-skipping-rocks-award for the day. And Natasha, the best plunk-a-rock-and-make-it-splash award. I came somewhere in the middle.








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