In Which We Observe a Rock Split in Two

Whenever we are in a rental car here in New Zealand, all I can think of is the second National Treasure movie where Riley assumes he will be the chauffeur, runs to the left side of the car, and hops in saying, “I’ll drive,” only to find no steering wheel. Not that I’m attempting to be the driver here, but I still find it amusing for some reason.

Daniel has done a fabulous job driving on the correct side of the road. I say “correct” in place of, “right” since that just makes things confusing because it’s actually the left side of the road, not the right, but the driver does sit on the right side of the car, which is not right in the States but is right here…


For our second day of sightseeing a couple weeks ago, we headed to Abel Tasman National Park. On the way, we stopped to see Split Apple Rock. I think I first saw this on Instagram, of all places, but immediately knew I really wanted to see it in person.

The Maori legend is that two gods were fighting over who would take possession of this boulder, and to settle it, they used their power to crack it in half. We still think it looks a little more like a broken egg shell than a split apple, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a cool rock whatever you call it. The best way to see it is in a kayak, up close and personal. That is a very popular manner of viewing it, but we chose to stay dry this day. Supposedly at low tide you can wade out there, but it would have to be in summer for me to attempt that.


The beach was awfully fun to walk along and since we were there at high tide, it was a fun challenge to dodge the ever approaching waves while exploring the beach.









The youngest member of our party got into a singing mode and thus, following pictures are of her singing. Not yawning from boredom.






While here, I created a hashtag of our very own. Fun huh?



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