A {little} Journey Through Abel Tasman National Park

{Rewinding to a couple weeks ago…}

After driving under this boulder, we continued our drive to Abel Tasman National Park.



For those of you who don’t know who Abel Tasman is, ask Natasha.

In her own words, she says, “A man.”

Hmm..okay, ask it in a different manner: “What did he do?”

“He found….he found…New Zealand!”



Thus, this national park is named after him, and we explored some of it by walking along the coastal walk. It wasn’t very hard, and it calmly wound around the bay with the ocean on one side and forest on the other.




There are giant ferns here, the size of trees.



We could have gone on walking for days. Literally. The options for hiking and trekking are limitless and you can camp in huts provided along the way. Or, you can just hike a little ways to get the feel of it and return back the way you came. That’s what we did, since trekking 5 days into the forest wasn’t going to fit into our schedule. Plus, we ate all the carrot sticks at lunchtime…




(Above photo credit goes to 4 year old Natasha.)



So far, I’ve been rather impressed with the parks and places of interest here. You don’t have to pay to use the toilets, there are no entrance fees to the parks, and no parking attendant requiring you to pay to park, so aside from gas and the rental car, there are no outside expenses needed to enjoy the scenery. I take that back: We did rent the kayaks when we went to the Picton area. We have packed a lunch each time we head out, so eating out isn’t an extra expense either.

Usually we’re starving by the time we get home though since hiking and being out and about somehow makes you incredibly hungry. Still, it’s really easy to cut up some carrots, bag some raisins, almonds, banana chips, and carry along some cooked sausages or deli ham. Chocolate is always a good addition, and we’ve even fried up some sweet potatoes to bring along.



One thought on “A {little} Journey Through Abel Tasman National Park

  1. This is a splendiferous post reporting splendiferous scenery and outings, but I wanted to comment on Daniel’s hair in the silhouette picture. Doesn’t it look like splendiferous ’50s crooner hair? ;)

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