We Aren’t Always Off Gallivanting Around the South Island


A lot of our time is actually spent in our cozy little house on the hillside beside the goat’s pasture. Sometimes we watch “Top Gear” (via Netflix) in the evenings as a family. Natasha loves it as much as we do.



Other days we go to the little park at the end of our street, and meet new people. On one particular visit, we met a little girl and her mum, and one thing led to another, and before long we were sipping tea on their back porch, watching the little girls play. When they heard we had lamb in the oven at home, they gave us this hunk of pumpkin since they were going on vacation and wouldn’t be able to eat it before leaving. It roasted up lovely with our other vegetables as a perfect side dish for the lamb.



Another wonderful thing of our daily lives is breakfast. Sometimes I lay in bed thinking about what we might do that day, and the thought that actually urges me out of bed is: breakfast. This morning’s combination was exceptional:



Sometimes it’s dewy in the mornings and I get the camera out.



On cloudy days, we stay indoors and read Sherlock Holmes.



In the evenings Natasha occasionally helps our landlady, Beate, feed the goats, “Pasta” and “Cheese”. Or, just goes out and chats.



Every Wednesday is gymnastics, and so we walk down the hill to the preschool class. They are having a coloring competition, and this was Natasha’s entry:



And the newest form of entertainment for everyday life is watercolours (it’s kind of fun to spell things the Kiwi way). I’ve been enjoying it as much as Natasha. On the bottom page in the picture below, you will find Natasha’s illustration of saying she does not like the color green, (she crossed it out) but she does love pink (noted by the check-marks).



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