How Daniel Spent Father’s Day in NZ

Daniel got two Father’s Days this year; one in June in the States, and a second here in New Zealand on September 7th. The church we’ve visited a few times had planned a full schedule of events for the day and we enjoyed it all.

Before the sermon, they actually had a bench press competition up on the stage. Two fellas were arranged to partake beforehand and the third was “randomly selected from the audience” ;) They each tried for their highest press, and one even went for his new PB. That’s the abbreviation for “personal best” which is the same as our PR, “personal record”. The heaviest lift of the three -from the audience member- was 160 kilos. (That’s 352 lbs.) The other two guys did very well too, each lifting 100 kilos (220 lbs).

Following the sermon, we all headed outside for grilled sausages with bacon piled on top, all nestled in a slice of bread. Toppings were available too, like tomato sauce (ketchup) and BBQ sauce, etc…

Then the real fun began. A Grass Karna was set up outside on the grassy lot right beside the church’s car park. (Parking lot. Are you catching all these Kiwisms?) Anyone who wanted could line up with their own car or the old beater car which was provided, and take a turn round the cones competing for the best time completing the course. There were lots of cars, a dirt bike, jeeps, a lawnmower, and the old beater car had several rounds with different drivers. It was so beat up, on the final lap of the day, the front fender fell off. It was already missing all the seats except the driver’s seat, and all the windows except the front windshield. Here’s a fun example of the variety, with a video of the mail delivery van. The voice in the background is from a lady standing behind me, and of course, it’s fun to listen to a Kiwi accent. They say we have one, but I’m sure it’s not as fun of one.

The week before Father’s day, we had been invited to a church member’s home for lunch following the service (they taught us about eating kiwi fruit) and this Sunday, Steve generously let Daniel drive his car (a Subaru WRX Sti) for the event. Below, you’ll find a couple of Daniel’s rounds. They changed the course pattern and moved the cones for each round, and it got a little confusing.

I have to brag a little for my husband. There were three rounds, and on each round Daniel’s times were in the 2nd place position. Ultimately, he didn’t qualify for one of the top three winning positions since he got the course pattern confused for the 2nd round. However, I know he had a blast. Of course, you would have never guessed it by his calm, non-expressive demeanor, but I know this was the best Fathers day he’s ever had. :)


While the cars were doing donuts on the grass and flipping mud, the kids were busy over on the other grassy lot at the Bouncy Village.




That’s why I missed recording Daniel’s second round, but we made it back for his last one. Now, it might not look like Daniel right off below, and that’s because that’s not him. He was the driver, on the other side of the car. :) Steve’s son, Troy, is in the passenger seat and in the back seat, Natasha rode along with Steve’s wife, Sharon.


We waited till the very end when the winners were announced, and it was most definitely a fun, out-of-the-ordinary Father’s Day. Daniel not only did his first ever racing in New Zealand, but also drove his first right hand drive stick-shift. Fun memories!14-037


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