In Which We Decide We Like Rocky Coastlines

Last week’s 2 day-rental car expedition took us to Cape Foulwind.  With a name like that, we weren’t sure of the weather, and indeed it was windy, but the sunshine was fabulous. We went to see the seal colony, but were in for a surprise with the amazing scenery along the coastline.



This is a closeup of the boulder above. See all the seals? I promise, they’re there; I counted at least 15.




My only regret about visiting here, is that I don’t think I savored it enough. I wanted to capture the beauty so we wouldn’t forget it, but in my haste, I fear I rushed myself too much. I’ve since made a note for myself to slow down. Not everything has to be captured with a camera; the memories made together, just living in the moment, are worth more.21-044


The walking path actually goes up through a pasture and it was one of the nicest places to walk. Soft and cushiony (is that a word?) under our feet.


To get over the fence (not electric; no insulators on the posts), you just climb over the steps. 01-050

This is what I imagined New Zealand looking like. Simply stunning.25-053

So this is our second beige rental car. It’s kind of nice that it’s so commonplace; you just blend right in with the locals. Except that there’s a big rental sticker on the back window. Ah well, at least we aren’t driving a lime green camper van around! On the other side, I think they say, “The glass is half full. And the other half was delicious.”27-068


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