Kiwis in Kiwi Territory

I admit, kiwi fruit are something I didn’t know much about till coming to New Zealand. I assumed they grew on a tree like peaches or apples. They do not. They’re actually grown on vines very similar to grapes, and are really hard to pollinate. So hard in fact, honeybees have to be brought to the fields in such great swarms that they are forced to pollinate the kiwi flowers out of desperation. Apparently the kiwi fruit flower isn’t very agreeable to begin with.

Another fact I didn’t know is that Kiwi fruit are grown abundantly here in New Zealand, and that makes them very cheap at the supermarkets. Approximately $1.99 a kilo for green and $2.99 a kilo for the golden ones. (Just to help you with the math, there’s 2.2 lbs. in a kilo.) Therefore, they’re much cheaper here than in the States and so we try to take advantage of this fact and are eating them quite regularly.


We have traditionally always peeled kiwi fruit and sliced it before eating. But when we were invited to couple’s home after church a few weeks ago for lunch, they told us of another manner in which to eat kiwi fruit. It was new to us, so maybe it’s new to you too. It works well and eliminates the slimy peeling method if you just feel like eating a kiwi fruit as a snack.

First, just cut the kiwi fruit in half.04-009

Then run a spoon around the edge, near the skin to kind of loosen it.05-013

You can then proceed to scoop out the inside, as you might eat a grapefruit. 06-014


At the end you’re left with an empty kiwi fruit skin “bowl” and less juice all over your hands.

Another little note: The people of New Zealand are commonly called Kiwis, but that’s not because of the Kiwi fruit. It is because of the little flightless bird called a Kiwi (which also lends it’s name to the fruit). So, we are not eating Kiwi people here, nor the Kiwi bird. Just to clarify. :)



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