In Which We Explore a Ghost Mine

Following our seal-watching and standing-in-awe-of-the-view at Cape Foulwind a couple weeks ago, Daniel gave me the descriptions of two other places we could visit. One was another scenic location with rocks he described as looking like a stack of pancakes with ocean waves splashing up in between and around them. The other was about a 15 minute drive up the mountain to an abandoned historic coal mine.

Since we just came from a really scenic ocean view, I selected the mine, for variety. (I love variety.) The pancake rocks will have to be another time. Denniston Mine was very deserted and we were the only people around so we had the whole place to ourselves.

It operated from 1879 to 1967, and was actually a thriving little community. I guess we didn’t read the info boards thoroughly enough, because we didn’t find out why it shut down… I’m almost glad it did though, because it was a really cool place to wander around freely without wearing hardhats or some such thing.




As you can see, we were witnesses to a fair amount of “Ta-da” moments. 31-078


The site of the mine is up the hillside about 2000 ft. in elevation and it gave a terrific view of the coastline and ocean beyond.



This might very well be my favorite family picture of us from our trip so far:



The main entrance to the mine is that dark hole at the top left of the stone arch (in the photo below). I think they might offer some kind of underground “experience” but we weren’t there at the right time and enjoyed the outside free experience of exploring on our own just fine.



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