In Which: Daniel confirms his dislike for eels, Janel lays on the ground, and Natasha is bit by sand flies

Nelson Lakes are actually not right near the town of Nelson. They are about an hour and a half drive southish of town and are made up of several lakes. We visited the larger two, starting with Lake Rotoiti. We really wanted to see the clearest lake of the world, which has been properly noted and documented, but it is a two day trek deep into the woods and mountains.

So we first drove up the mountain so we could look down and see the whole scope of the area.


Then we went down to the far side of that peninsula above, and did a little walking.


We skipped more rocks… and I laid directly on the rocky shoreline attempting to get the perfectly timed and perfectly exposed photo of a rock skipping. It’s harder than I thought…a slow shutter speed in daylight creates…a picture in which is looks like I was shooting the sunshine.


There seemed to be a dreadful black mold that was taking over the trees and shrubbery, but turns out it’s a perfectly normal process done by some kind of insect and the trees are quite healthy despite the appearance.




We ate our lunch on the rocks overlooking the lake, before heading over to a certain dock where we searched for eels.



It didn’t take long to find them, because they were all hanging out under the dock in the shade. Are they allergic to sunlight? I don’t know, but they weren’t too eager to go out into the sunshine. Daniel still doesn’t like them whether they’re in sunshine or shade.



Since we were in the area, we decided to check out Lake Rotoroa too. Such. Amazing. Scenery. Also: Black Swans.




And, more sand flies, just like we were warned. :) Scratch, scratch, swat…



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