In Which We Order Our First Takeaway

Nelson Beach.

We had heard of it, and one Sunday morning we decided to skip church and enjoy God’s creation by heading to the beach. We started at the playground, where we promptly found a family with a couple little girls (one Natasha’s age) and we hung around the ever-expanding playground for the entire morning. I say “expanding” because it just kept going and going! Fun climbing apparatuses, a castle, a caterpillar to ride, mushrooms to sit upon, things to spin on, and on and on.

Of course, we walked along the sandy beach and wrote in the sand before deciding we were hungry and headed back to the bikes to go home for lunch. However, on a whim, Daniel decided to walk across the street to the Fish and Chips restaurant to see what the prices were. So far, upon every investigation of this type, the prices scare us right back home. It’s rather expensive, this eating out business Down Under.

Natasha and I played on the stumps while we waited for the verdict. Either he’d come back empty-handed and we’d proceed home as planned, or he’d return carrying something. (I hoped for the latter.)



Cheerily, it was the latter! It was the restaurant’s birthday. And prices were 50% off. :) So we enjoyed gluten-free whiting with chips and even tomato sauce (ketchup) for dipping. Oh, and even a fresh lemon to squeeze over it all. Cost: $7.90 NZD. Hurray for takeaway in the sunshine.




A little more exploring and climbing was done before we properly were worn out and ever so slightly sunned, and we biked back home.




We did stop to watch a bowling match on the way home though. It was curious to watch for a little while although I wasn’t making much sense of it. It seemed to be a sport for the older generation. A quiet, easy-going, not rushed type of sport.


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