In Which We Celebrate Spring in Fall

A couple Sundays ago was the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival at the Miyazu Garden in Nelson. This is a little Japanese garden celebrating Nelson’s sister city, Miyazu. It was a little silly, our lack of planning, but we basically decided to go when the festival was ending. However, we needed out of the house for the afternoon and even though everyone was packing up, the cherry blossoms were in full glory.





I am taking comfort in the fact that even though I’m missing the typical reds and oranges of Autumn back home, cherry blossoms make a rather dreamy and lovely substitute.



This little garden has inspired me and Daniel to be sure to have a little spot someday with paths, stepping stones and trees for children to play in and be explorers. Natasha loved  running on the pathways and skipping under the tree branches. She immediately was transported to her imaginary world and started narrating her play aloud to herself. She may or may not have almost knocked a couple Indian ladies into the reflecting pool in her haste to continue her story on the stepping stones above though.



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