Janel Goes Trekking Alone

There is this ridge behind our house that I gaze up at every single day, numerous times a day. Daniel took off one afternoon to hike it, and he asked me if I would be a smidge upset that we didn’t do it together, and I told him, “No, go ahead.” I said that because I didn’t want to keep him from exploring and being able to get out of the house on his own. But deep down, I was in fact a little disappointed. I quick got over it since I then had the idea that I  would hike it alone too. That, coupled with the fact that when he returned he said it was not a 4-year old type of path and just the idea of trying to conjole Natasha up a steep hillside quickly dispersed any romantic hiking thoughts of discovering it together as a family.


So the other morning, I took off on my own with the camera, and hiked up the Grampians Reserve.




You can basically overlook the entire city of Nelson and the surrounding areas. In the bottom left hand corner, I added a note to this picture showing where our house is.



These gates are quite common, and I love them. They seem so English and quaint.



I didn’t see any sheep, but since I grew up with sheep, I know how true the “worrying” part of this sign is.



A special treat greeted me at the end of my trek: a calla lily plant. They are actually seen quite often in flower beds along the sidewalks, but this one was nice to photograph without appearing touristy in someone’s front yard. :)



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