A Rain Forest in New Zealand

Driving out of Milford Sound, we stopped by The Chasm. We were greeted in the carpark by a pair of rather tame parrots who were begging. In a very obvious manner. However, we decided to keep all of our chocolate for ourselves and go see the Chasm and take a little walk in a rain forest. Because of the amount of rain, it was all mossy and wet and drippy.



It was an easy walk to the river, where rushing water was making us clutch our cameras and children closer. Anything that might be dropped was going to be gone…really quick.07-106


On the way back to the parrot patrolled carpark, the sun came out.




Following our excursion in Milford Sound, we headed back to Queenstown to spend the night. By the time we got there, we were all fairly famished, so we went to Fergburger for, what else? burgers. We must have gone to the right place because it was pretty busy. While standing on the chilly sidewalk to wait, a cheery Ferg employee came out and handed Natasha a little cone of fries. She said she knows how hard it is to wait when you’re really hungry. It must be the custom there, because I saw other little ones receiving cones of fries too. :)



Don’t let Natasha’s coatless self confuse you. It was cold. But she sometimes refuses to wear clothing that is designed specifically for keeping a person warm. Silly girl.


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