Christchurch Isn’t a Church

Upon telling Natasha that today we were driving to Christchurch, she asked, “Is today Sunday?” “No” I replied, “Today is Tuesday.” She thought on this a moment then asked, “Then why is it called a church?” I hadn’t thought of it that way, since I already knew it was a town. But it was a very natural question from a 4 year old.

So when we got there, we soon realized this was a much larger town than any we’ve been in previously, and the traffic showed it. We made our way somewhat slowly, to the Botanical Gardens and got out to stretch our legs.

I had been wanting a picture with one of these gigantic trees, as they seem to be quite common back in Nelson and surrounding areas. It’s a Mountain Ash.


There weren’t many flowers in bloom yet but I’m sure the Gardens are stunning in summer. We wandered around a bit though and still enjoyed the walk.



Lydia and I did wish we were here when the roses were in bloom though. Can you imagine? A whole garden full of roses.14-052


Natasha snapped this last pictures of the few flower beds that were in full bloom. Tulips in October folks!


We stayed our final night of the road trip here in Christchurch, before heading out the next morning for Nelson. A total of 4 nights and 6 days of travel resulted in us seeing a fair amount of the South Island. The next post will feature one of our absolute favorite parts of the journey. I can’t wait to show you!

1-Fullscreen capture 10132014 124327 PM


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