It’s All in Who You Know

We all know this, but I’m continually being reminded of it. Remember when I mentioned that I sat beside a pilot on the flight from Auckland to Nelson? We had planned on getting a taxi, but he offered to drive us to our holiday house that night, and we gratefully accepted. I’m very glad we exchanged numbers and all those numbers were exchanged and saved correctly, because that meeting was most serendipitous.

We had Greg and his family over to our house to share a meal when Wes and Lydia were here, and they introduced us to Pavlova. When here, Greg offered to take us out on his boat sometime. Once again, we took him up on his generous offer. Wes and Lyd have since gone home, but now our good friends Maria and Logan have come down to visit us (!) so they happily joined us out on the Tasman Sea last week.


We liked going fast and hitting waves.



Greg’s son Misha joined us and he patiently and kindly explained all the various lures to Natasha, and Daniel did try fishing, but the waves were too rough even when we were sitting still for very good fishing opportunities.



The wee one sat a little too long in the bow and was feeling a little bit woozy…so we brought her out in the open, and gave her a ginger pill for motion sickness.


The Boulder Bank Lighthouse has become somewhat of an inside joke, which I will now share with you so you won’t feel left out. When Wes and Lydia flew in, they noticed the long strip of land on the Nelson port, and a white lighthouse. Lydia was curious about it, so of course I looked it up and discovered that it is possible to walk to the Boulder Bank Lighthouse. The specific walking info from New Zealand’s Department of Conservation’s website says, (and I quote):

“A walk along the Nelson Boulder Bank is an opportunity not to be missed. The eight kilometre walk, from Boulder bank Drive to ‘The Cut’ takes 2-3 hours one way. The Boulder Bank is rough, dry and very exposed, so be prepared for all kinds of weather and wear strong shoes.”

Well, as you might imagine, we quickly decided it WAS an opportunity that we didn’t mind missing at all, and left it at that.

Fast forward then to explaining the story of the lighthouse to our second round of visitors, and Logan and Maria both agreed with our previous conclusion that it wasn’t imperative to visit this lighthouse. However, when Greg took us out on the boat, we mentioned our amusement at the “opportunity we were missing” and he said we could stop by when on the boat. Imagine that. Skipping the 3 hours one-way walk over rough rocks and treacherous weather conditions, to see the lighthouse that shouldn’t be missed in the first place!


It was another happy circumstance that we would have missed, but didn’t have to since we knew someone who offered us a boat ride. And, we gratefully skipped the 3 hour rocky hike!


Here’s the view from the lighthouse, looking back towards Nelson:

Since the waves were too rough for lingering in to fish, we headed back to the port and some of us took turns driving the boat. Even the youngest of our party, who was feeling less seasick by now.



The following evening, Greg’s wife Ros, invited us over to share some BBQ with them, so we were able to get to know them even more. It was a fun evening with more pavlova and introduced to us a Kiwi favorite candy: Pineapple Lumps.

Thank you so much Greg, Ros, Misha, Soren and Nathaniel, for sharing New Zealand with us!


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