In Which We Take a Strenuous Shortcut

So Daniel has hiked Grampians Reserve, and I have hiked Grampians Reserve. Now, we ALL have hiked Grampians Reserve. But not without some huffing and puffing.

It started out easily enough; a grand spring day, with spring bursting out all over.07-028



However, we didn’t start at the same place Daniel or I did when we did it alone on the more traveled pathway. Instead we began directly behind our house kind of in the middle and went…straight up the side. Kind of where no path was. It was an adventure for sure, and we’re all proud of ourselves for surviving the uphill climb. Daniel will forever be our hero for he carried Natasha on his shoulders the entire way.

Here we have Maria giving us a much more enthusiastic outlook on the whole ordeal than what was actually happening. But, truly, we didn’t complain too much.


The top, as expected, was worth the climb.


I probably should have taken into account that Daniel’s legs were already wobbling from the climb up before attempting this little stunt, but it all turned out fine. Logan’s help was truly needed, since I haven’t perfected the getting-up-alone-process.



We’re always a little miffed when Natasha is on her own feet again and immediately says, “I’m hot!” She just rode up the entire side of what we call a mountain, and yet she still has the audacity to say she’s sweaty from the sun. But it just wouldn’t be the same without her along and we’re glad she adds such laughter to our conversations.


The walk down, naturally, is much easier. It’s when you realize just how important your knees are to the whole process of walking.



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