Saying Goodbye

October 27th had come. The morning we packed up and did the dishes for the last time in our little house on the hill, and said goodbye to the goats. We all (Logan and Maria included) were headed off to the airport. Logan and Maria had a separate flight after ours on the same day, so it was nice to have our very own departing photographer as our little family walked to the airplane at Nelson’s airport. Logan caught a very bittersweet moment for us as we headed out on the tarmac in the springtime rain.




I tried to capture the town of Nelson from the air, and if you know what you’re looking for, and really zoom in, it is possible to spot our house on the hillside in Nelson. From our vantage point at home there, you would have never known that those “hills” loomed up behind us. But they were there all the time. You just had to climb Grampians Reserve to see them.



Remember our boating adventure out to the Boulder Bank Lighthouse? Here it is from the air!12-008


Goodbye Nelson…many wonderful memories were made here and you won’t be forgotten any time soon!




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