Auckland For A Day

Once again, let me remind all you faithful readers that I am still playing catch-up for our trip home from New Zealand. This is just another in that ongoing series, so this particular post takes us back to October 27th, 2014.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We had a simple flight from Nelson to Auckland, where we three would be spending the night before continuing on our journey home. Our little one did some coloring in the Auckland airport while we waited for Maria and Logan to catch up with us.15-014

We decided it would be best to get a rental car for us to do some sightseeing in Auckland, and it would be handy to have not only to get us around town, but to store all our stuff since we couldn’t check in to our hotel this early in the morning.

2014-10-27 11.05.21

As soon as we had transportation, we headed to Auckland Botanical Gardens to hang out for a while.


We had lunch at the garden’s cafe, and somehow Natasha acquired a little bottle of bubbles. (No she didn’t steal it or anything, I simply don’t really remember where it came from. The waiter? The cashier? Who knows.) It was a nice addition to our walk through the expansive garden areas.



Sometimes it is very hard to get a 4 year old to walk with you. If she stays close, she is usually complaining about the walk and how tired her legs are. But if you let her lag behind a bit, sometimes she starts talking to herself and gets transported to her own imaginary world. This is quite a relief, since it’s 100 times better than complaining. However, the downside is, she walks completely at her own pace, which is much slower than ours.


And, she gets distracted quite easily.


I, in the meantime, was in search of the popular Giant New Zealand Fern for a parting picture.


The kind rental car lady said we should definitely stop by the One Tree Hill area while we were in Auckland, and take a walk with the sheep. It was indeed a very good idea.


IMG_2999 (1)





I rather fell in love with the place, and depending where you stood, you’d never know there was all of suburban Auckland spread out on all sides of you.



We took Maria and Logan to the airport that night and sent them on their way home. We however, had several more days before reaching the United States. Next up, Sydney!


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