Sydney, Round 2

Still catching up on our travels home from New Zealand back in late September-early October 2014. We flew from Auckland to Sydney where we had a nice 3 day layover, and got to see even more of Sydney. First stop: Angel Place for the birdhouse art display in the alleyway:16-003

We did some actual shopping right around the Westfield Shopping Mall too. I say actual shopping because we truly were looking for tights for Natasha. We found some too, so that was a success, and I felt rich because we bought them at such a fancy location. Even though that’s about all we bought in Sydney other than groceries to cook at our apartment because whoa, stuff is expensive there.

2014-10-28 20.47.53

The above picture taken from a stand-still bus stuck in traffic. We seriously could have walked faster than traffic was moving, however we were tired of walking and once it started moving, it was better than walking because of the distance we needed to travel.




I didn’t want to leave Australia without seeing the Sydney Opera House and quite conveniently, one can view the stunning Sydney Harbour Bridge at the same location.






After one full day of being in such a busy, upscale part of the city, we were kind of ready to be back in the outdoors with more nature surrounding us, so next post will showcase some of Australia’s bush and outback. This seems so silly, but all I could think of while hiking along was, “It looks so… Australian.”  :)


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