A Caribbean Interruption

We interrupt this ongoing (and perhaps never ending) series of New Zealand updates, to bring you a few pictures of our most recent traveling adventure. Last month Daniel and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. Daniel planned a short get-away for just the two of us to and my only request was that it might be somewhere that didn’t require me to wear a coat. Puerto Rico has plenty of plantains and weather that doesn’t require multiple layers, so that’s where we landed.

It was a very good choice. We had anticipated it being a LOT more humid than it was, so when we weren’t sweating every moment outdoors it was a most pleasant surprise and relief. We enjoyed it immensely. Still, you’d think we would end up spending hours by the beach laying out, but that just isn’t our style. Old San Juan has a fort about 500 years old, and that’s where we ended up spending a fair amount of time. In the shade of course. I was not  going to return home with a sunburn, and I admit, I’m a little too proud that I was very successful in that resolution.

Our first hotel had an infinity pool, which we enjoyed by moonlight. (Better on my northern pale skin than sunlight…)



During the day, we did a fair amount of walking (and waiting for buses when we didn’t feel like walking), sight-seeing in Old San Juan, exploring the shady old narrow streets, and sitting to read with the ocean waves crashing nearby.



We also observed reptiles.






We didn’t avoid the beach completely; I wasn’t going to return home without getting my feet wet with salty water at least once.



The old streets were incredibly fun to walk along. Bright colors and fun doors…and all that.




Just being able to sit and read without interruption until we felt like doing something else, or until we got hungry, seemed like a pure luxury.









I tell you, it was beautiful.





San Juan is a busy port for many cruise lines, and watching these giant ships was mesmerizing. IMG_3360


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