How We Four Ride Around

Using bicycles as transportation is not foreign to us since  we biked a fair amount when we lived in New Zealand. It was out of necessity since we didn’t rent a car the majority of our time there. But one of the bonuses of driving our own vehicle up to Canada is that we could bring our own bikes and ride for “leisure”. As in, no hauling bags and bags of groceries along with us around Québec.

The other day was our first family bike ride with all 4 of us together. Natasha has now graduated from riding in a bike trailer to riding on a “giraffe” bike, or tag-along bike as seen below. Daniel found it here in Québec on their equivalent of Craigslist. It can be folded, and there’s room in the trunk for it to go back to the States with us for future family rides. Daniel has picked up the sport (do I call it that? Maybe it’s an activity.) of mountain biking in the last year or so and the mountain bike trails around Québec are one of the main reasons we made it a point to bring the bikes.

I am thrilled to have my very own Dutch City style bicycle, a Papillionaire, which Daniel completely surprised me with on my last birthday. It makes me so happy and I feel very European pedaling along. I have my own little riding companion too. Lincoln is a happy little fella, who stares up at the trees and sky while contentedly sucking on his fingers. I carry him on my front in the Asian style soft-structured baby carrier I made. When he’s a little bigger, I can put him on my back, but until then he’s perfectly cozy on my front.


There is a fantastic bike path not far from our house and it goes ALL the way into Old City Québec. I have told Daniel twice now, “I love bike paths.” It’s super nice to avoid traffic and ride on a paved surface dedicated for cycling.


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