Previewing Old Québec City

Our second family bike ride took us down to the river to get a preview of Old Québec City. We basically wanted to see what the ride was like and get a sneak peak of the old city. It was a very easy ride on the bike path, through town some, past a lot of apartment buildings, and down to the river. It took us about an hour.

We arrived in time for a late lunch and popped into Cochon Dingue,”The Crazy Pig”. Natasha ordered from the breakfast menu with about 2 min. to spare. Daniel ordered the ribs-the full plate, while I had the “all-dressed poutine”. It is a popular Canadian dish, made up of BBQ pulled pork, bacon-wrapped cocktail sausages, Perron Cheddar cheese curds and a dark gravy-like sauce all piled on top of french fries. It’s totally a dish I can replicate at home someday.

Following our tasty meal, I briefly got a couple pictures of the very European looking city street, before we headed back to the bike path. We still needed to bike all the way home (slightly uphill this time) before it got too chilly and dark. Plus, we wanted to stop at the market and a playground on the return trip.







The Marche du Vieux-Port (“Old Port Market”) was right on our way back. I recognized it as we zoomed past earlier, as the one I had read about online from a blogger who highly recommended it. Apparently she was here in the spring because she was raving over the strawberries. There were in fact some strawberries at one stand, but apples were the most popular fruit this time of year. Check out all the maple syrup treats too:


Hey look! It’s the first traveling picture of all four of us! This was at the playground that we stopped at on our return bike ride home. A good spot for a snack, a diaper change and lots of rocks for Natasha to climb on.



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