Montmorency Falls

Back on the mainland, just directly across from Île d’Orléans, is Montmorency Falls which we visited after picking our apples from the previous post. The below picture shows the bridge to the island.


Then if you would simply turn around, your view would be…us! And the waterfall, of course. It’s taller than Niagara Falls, but not near as wide. So there’s actually a bridge to walk across and view the bubbly, swirling water from above. Do check out the link above for better pictures of the waterfall. It’s superb to be here in fall with all the trees turning color. Just in the 10 days or so that we’ve been here the maples are showing their colors so much more.


The huge bolts holding the bridge were pretty impressive at both ends of the foot bridge, and I thought they look like cannons. Or robots feet.


The surrounding park is lovely, and was peaceful and quiet during our visit. Natasha found an elephant’s tree-trunk to sit on during our walk back to the car.



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