Last Friday I was sitting at the counter doing some blogging and I saw a helmeted person drive pull into our driveway. I couldn’t see who it was, and didn’t have any idea who would be coming to see us in a town where no one even knows us.  After I told Daniel, “Someone just pulled in…” he said I should probably get up and see. Lo and behold, it was Daniel’s youngest brother, Silas. He drove up some 800 miles on his motorcycle to visit us for the weekend! Through rain, wet clothes, running out of gas and having to push the bike approximately two miles, more rain and being very sleepy, he made it. He and Daniel kept it surprise from me, and yes, I was completely surprised.

So that afternoon we all went to see more of the Old City, including the Governor’s Promenade, right along the river. We parked above at the citadelle and worked our way down the 310 steps to the riverfront. The view from the walkway showed us from above where we had biked previously, right along those cruise ships.1-012

Down at the bottom then, there is a huge boardwalk leading up to the Château Frontenac. That would be the hotel that looks like a castle below:04-013









To get back to the car we went up the narrow streets through parts of the old city  where I fell in love with this church’s doorway. 

The citadelle and the Canadian flag were right above us, so of course we walked up to see the view.


And what a view indeed.


Québec City is know for being “So Europe, so close”.  And just look at these houses. I have a similar picture from when we were in Strasbourg, France last spring and you might not be able to tell the difference. (By the way, I never blogged about that trip, but one day I might. Ha!)



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