Traditional Huron Site

Just a street or so over from our AirBnB house in Québec City, was the Traditional Huron Site of Wendake. One crisp morning right after Lincoln went down for his morning nap, Natasha and I biked over for a tour of the Indian Camp. It was such a fun little visit; with wood smoke drifting around, and the scent of a delicious soup in the air coming from the restaurant.

They have tours in French, English and Spanish. Our tour guide was very sweet and let Natasha wear her fur during the little walk around camp.


I had no idea Long Houses were truly this tall. They’re built tall so the smoke can gather at the top versus the bottom where the living quarters are.



For some reason, their smoke house particularly caught my attention. Probably because our guide explained to us how they not only smoked, but dried fish and then mixed the dried fish with animal fat to make “pemmican“.  Daniel made a rather tasty modern version of pemmican when we were living in Panama so it was fun to have that connection.



As a young girl, my passion was pioneers, early settlers and anything related to the 18th-19th century. Naturally, Indians fall in that category. So the whole experience was particularly interesting for me, and I loved seeing the clothing and domestic items on display.


It was a fun morning outing for me and my girlie. :)




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